5 Ideas to Help Beat Lockdown In 2021


Is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for both your physical and mental well-being. Start slowly (whatever level you’re at) as consistency is going to be much better for you than burning yourself out one day and then taking a week off.

Tip - Don’t try to follow Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine if you’ve not been in the gym for 2 years, just because you saw a YouTube Video of it...(someone had to say it)

Schedule a time of the day to workout and stick to it. I love working out before breakfast, at around 09:00. It’s not too cold, I don’t have to get up too early, afterwards I can have the breakfast I want (with less judgement), and it sets off the day correctly. I do not do much at all, a bin bag run for about 15 minutes (the amount of sweat afterwards is ridiculous), and then follow a 15 minute body-weight YouTube workout afterwards.

Nothing too extensive, but it sets me in a rhythm, and any choice you make after that to workout further is a bonus which you can feel even better about. This leads into a better mental state, created through…


Waking up, Showering, doing your teeth, making your bed, making a coffee, eating breakfast, cleaning your house/room, eating at the right times, washing up/clothes...these are just a few things that are easily controllable for the majority, and if consistently enacted at specific times, can create that ‘I’m doing something, let’s do more’ response.

Write down the tasks that you perform everyday that are easy, and slot them into little time frames when you know you are going to do them. Everyone has heard the ‘make your bed in the morning’ motivational speech (it’s below if you haven’t), it truly helps create that first win of the day.

I tend to section my 'easy tasks' in 2 parts, AM / PM - anything else done during the middle of the day is a bonus.


“But if I go outside I’ll catch COVID-19” - Wear A Mask.

“But it’s in the air” - Many other things are as well...you’re still here.

“But they have told us to stay inside” - Please read guidelines carefully - you’re allowed outside

“But it’s too cold” - Put on as many layers as you need to.

“It’s boring” - Stick on your favourite album/podcast.

There are so many reasons right now not to go outside, even though it’s what everyone is craving during lockdown. If you’re not currently isolating, I implore you to venture out, even if it’s just around the block.

It’s extremely beneficial from a biological standpoint, can help clear your brain of negativity, it stimulates creativity and leaves you a little more tired than when you left, now you can sit in your comfortable chair without judgement...who doesn’t love to hear that?

Walking in nicer, more affluent areas in the morning has helped me in many ways, it gets me outside breathing fresh air, gets blood flowing, and gives me motivation to go home with and take into the day.


No I promise, you’re not back in boarding school...this is just a good reward trick to apply to each day. Not only do you actually enjoy the time you spend with your Netflix account, YouTube, Game of Book by limiting your time with it...you also ensure that the rest of the time outside of this goes into something productive.

Schedule out times during the day to really relax and do what you WANT TO DO...whatever that may be, let yourself know that you have earned that time. I know it sounds cheesy, possibly a bit mundane - I promise it will help. You’ll also be able to see how often during the day your brain wants to switch one of your devices on, it may elicit a few personal revelations...


When was the last time you took YOURSELF out on a date? Yes you read that correctly…

When did you last ask yourself the questions you’d ask someone you care for, or someone you’re trying to find out more about? I am going to guess, if you chuckled at the original question, it’s been a while...You don’t have to do this out loud, it may be a bit odd if you’re sitting on a park bench talking to yourself, however, you can have an internal discussion. I like to do this when I am walking or working out - my internal dialogue just seems more attuned to expressing itself succinctly during these times.

Let’s be honest, with all the nonsense we hear everyday, should you really consider it weird to listen to yourself?

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