Entrepreneur turned Employee? Is this you? 5 hints and a FREE BUSINESS IDEA

Are you sitting at your desk at work reading this? Are you reading this whilst ‘supposedly’ searching for a job...you may be telling yourself something...read on to find out YOU’RE RIGHT!

Since leaving university...any job found gave me the same whirlwind of emotions

1) Stress during the application period

2) Hard work and more stress during the interview period

3) Short period of relief if I got the position

4) Stressed within a week due to the job itself

5) Severe depression seeing the deductibles from that little blue slip

Sound Familiar?

I loved similar articles on this as it strikes a core with me...I will leave links to these at the end.

To be honest, changing jobs annually became a habit and I wasn't sure why. I always had an inclination that I had a business mindset and that my ideas were a possibility...

In the midst of the 2020 ‘Internet Business Guru’ pandemic...many people came to the realisation that working for yourself, if you could achieve it, could bring a much more autonomous and subsequently happier lifestyle.

“A thinker is a person even the devil is afraid of” - Napoleon Hill. - Buy the book here: https://amzn.to/2LJRQ0c

Would you agree that the only reason these gurus have been able to thrive via social media is because our education provided us with no indication that this life were a possibility? Comment below!

I don’t know about you...but if you didn’t go to university in my school it was deemed abnormal and you were judged accordingly. During my 7 years at secondary school...I didn’t hear my teacher use the worlds “millionaire/entrepreneur” one time...

“I ain't got time to teach a class right now...I’m winning” - 50 Cent

We, unfortunately, live in a world where JOB means Just Over Broke. However, WIN = When Independently Navigating (I just made that up - forgive me).

Here are 5 hints that you do not naturally have an 'Employee Mindset':

You understand, on face value, why some companies thrive and others do not.

If you do not know what I mean by this...it doesn't mean you aren't in the same boat, let me explain....

For example, you see an advertising campaign, understand the target audience and whether it will reach them. You understand, for example, that seasonal sales allow brands to catch up to each other so one doesn’t monopolise the market and they all profit, TV Subscriptions, Clothing releases and many more industries have similar strategies.

When you search for your own ideas, you struggle to find other people doing similar things.

I used to think this was because I was losing the plot, I now realise that it is because nobody has thought of this before...and it is a niche I could profit from. FREE BUSINESS IDEA - Backpacks with pop up umbrellas in the zip line.

You do not do well being told what to do.

I do not mean you are rude, or just a general miscreant. What I mean by this is, you regularly see another way that this task could be done more efficiently, and it frustrates you that the other person hasn’t seen it.

Employees at all levels are aware of the problems at work...but some are in too menial of a position to feel like they can make suggestions...in turn, they just sit there angry that they can’t be creative. Your mind is begging you to utilise it's imagination...go your own route and give it what it wants!

There is no job that seems like the right fit .

This one is pretty clear...if there are no jobs suited to you...why not create one? “What you hate might be your gate” - Grant Cardone

'Be Obsessed Or Be Average - Grant Cardone (CHANGE YOUR 2021)


You’re the one in the group/office/family with aspirations miles above everybody else.

When you talk to somebody and assume they would have the same, you are judged in a negative manner. The easiest way to kill a big dream is to tell a small minded person.

If this sounds like you, I implore you to take the risk and attempt to make money for yourself! As promised, here are other blogs that I loved on this topic:




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