Take A Risk and Change Your Perspective - 5 Must Read Books!

Ever felt alone? Ever been isolated to the point where you could only see negativity? Ever wished for a way out...I hope this blog can help you understand that you are not the only one...and you will not be the last one to change your life for the better.

TheLastStrain will predominantly encompass our anxieties and fears as we go through life. I have written this for 2 reasons. Firstly...I keep myself accountable to my own goals...Secondly, if 1 person sees/makes a new move on their chess board after this podcast, I will have done my desired job which is to help people.

The fact that I have never done this before, means I don’t know if I’ll be awful, but equally, it could go the opposite way and people may really enjoy it. I will only know by doing. Secondly, playing in sports teams and having brothers will most likely put me in situations where it is me vs 20 people asking:

“‘why on earth have you done this...you haven’t done anything, why would someone to listen to you.”

“Why are you trying this again? You did stuff like this before and it didn’t work.”

I implore you to remember, every name that has lasted throughout history, was initially a name no one had ever heard of. If you have those aspirations, don’t let people guide you down a different path.

Furthermore, I do not sometimes believe my words will be of any use...however, I have always wanted to be in the entertainment space...so I try to live by this:

“How can you entertain, if you entertain the notion that you’ll never be entertaining?” - Me, December 16th 2020.

To be told you can be anything you want, but to never be taught drive and direction, is like teaching someone to steer a car and not use the pedals. Rest assured I still have no clue of my purpose just yet, but trying different things and gauging the response will allow me to figure this out a little faster.

As a result (of taking a more isolated path), you become a slave to your own thought processes. That’s why the positive individuals win and the negative individuals lose. All the external stimuli will be telling you to stop, to go back to the way it was before, to smoke that spliff, to have that beer, to have that line, to have that burger...whatever the fuck it may be. Realise that one bad day does not mean you are back to your worst days.

Study yourself, if you’re not studying anything else atm, why not right? Study yourself, like Jordan Peterson says in his ‘12 Rules for Life’, you were someone you were caring for. If you do this you are sure to treat yourself properly. My little trick is, before I am about to do something...I ask myself the purpose of that task, as long as the outcome is positive, I do it. If it’s negative...resilience has to kick in.

5 Books worth reading to change that mindset:

#1 - Outwitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill


#2 - 12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson


#3 - The Courage to be Disliked - Ichiro Kishimi


#4 - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck - Mark Manson


#5 - Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins




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