Quitting Cold Turkey - It’s not as bad as they say! This Happened? Tips and tricks to help you quit.

No, i’m not talking about giving up on that amazing Christmas dinner you’ve been waiting for all year, I am in fact, referring to quitting whatever substance may be currently holding you back from reaching your full potential.

After much investigation on other opinions on the matter, it seems as though online posts are dominated by ‘medical professionals’ who have never used, rather than individuals with direct experience with the problem.

I subsequently found a stream of negative information...which would no doubt convince an addict to just carry on (we don’t need much convincing in the first place for crying out loud). I think this is a huge problem, we should be encouraging, wherever possible, abstinence from substances that affect you negatively.

All I saw was the ‘risks, dangers, and negative side effects’ of quitting cold turkey (search for yourself and see what I mean - it’s quite eye opening).

I am fully aware that certain drugs require a detox, otherwise the consequences on your body could be dire. My issue is...an addict needs motivation to quit, and when trying to find this, I found the opposite, in fact, the titles seemingly deter people from quitting by portraying only the negative side effects of doing so!

I am here to debunk this somewhat...with actual experience.

A bit of background: I smoked weed for close to 6 years, very much a functioning addict, working everyday, but coming home to demolish as much weed as I could each evening. It was my life, my crutch, the problem is...use crutches for too long you’ll never recover (in a more literal sense).

I finally gave in, admitted that I didn’t like myself very much and that the weed had control of me. I have tried to quit many times, never have I got this far, never have I committed to the goals I aspired to achieve, until now...



All the negative ones, but all the amazingly positive ones as well, came flooding back. The love for family members, love for myself, motivation to succeed, and desire to put in the work daily, all came to the fore. If you are abuse substances as a crutch, you may be under the impression you will experience only negativity when trying to quit. Negative emotions are there, don’t get me wrong, however, the overwhelming feelings of positivity when getting through them leaves you with more positive emotion than you have experienced since you have been using.

I have cried multiple times this week...both positive tears and negative tears. The drug I was using was diminishing my emotional responses, and they are now coming to the surface. I FEEL HUMAN AGAIN.

Shoutout to @jheffersonss / Jhefferson Santos (Pexels)


I have thought about writing this blog, for example, for a year or so...only when I admitted the crutch and surrendered power, I could give some back to myself. I experience the most motivation early in the morning and late at night...this is when ideas pop into my head. Before however, I was numbing myself to my own creativity, and falling asleep without recapping my goals, emotions or desires. Your mind is now free to wonder (which may scare some people)... but I have a feeling you’d positively surprise yourself if given the chance.


t’s not all sunshine and rainbows, the THC for me, was and still is in my system. It is stored in fat tissue and secreted according to when you know you’re going to smoke. When you stop, you may feel at times as though you have a fever, or wake up drenched in your own sweat. A lot of people see this as a negative thing. Just remember...your body is getting rid of the substance and you are beating it!


As one of 10 siblings, some relationships have been fragile over the last few years (including my relationship with myself). I now have a desire to ensure that these are the best they can be (as I believe your surroundings can lead you to using). If you are interested in Adlerian psychology, one of his theories is that all your problems stem from interpersonal relationships. Some people may have relationships built around a drug...these are the toughest to get out of...but like anything, they feel the best when you do.


When using, all we consider are the negative effects of quitting. All I read was negativity, and had people around me doing similar things. You think you are going to be the odd one out, the black sheep, the runt of the litter, however, you become the pack leader...people follow your lead and want to spend time with you because you motivate them to do the same thing.

Absolutely LOVE this photo from @_manei / Yuri Manei - Pexels

Tips and Tricks that helped me:

1) Bin Bag Runs - wearing a bin bag whilst running will make you sweat a Eunuch on a nude beach.

2) CBD Oil - I used ‘HealthSpan’ high strength CBD oil - I only paid £20 on amazon for it, and it’s genuinely amazing. If you want to grab some, it could genuinely help you out - you can either get a subscription or one off payment - https://amzn.to/3nNUAYs

3) Turn your phone off! Use it for 2 hours late PM to get back to people if you genuinely need to, however, having it on, you may receive messages that distract you, or you may message your dealer in a 5 minute bad spell, and regret it when they respond.

I’ll leave you with this...will quitting cold turkey make you feel any worse than you feel about yourself using everyday? If not, it’s worth a try.

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